Sales and Property Management in South Australia

Welcome to Beyond Real Estate SA

 Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Lisa Loveys and I am really pleased to meet you.


I know you have probably been searching through your search engine looking for the right agency to support you in the sale and or purchase of your new home. Or maybe you are looking for someone to manage your investment property or need somewhere to rent. 


If that is true, then you have seen it all. All the websites say the same. They all state “We will get you the best price”. “We will charge you less”, “We will do more”, “We promise”…… 


It all leaves you a little disoriented and a little out of depth. It is a big decision. More than that it is a costly decision. So, you invite a few agents into your home, they bring all the folders, wear the nice suit, talk the talk. Maybe one of them will get you to sign a contract. Then within hours you talk, discuss with someone close to you and realise there are so many questions that weren’t answered. They didn’t actually listen to you, you were spoken at. Sound familiar? Yes, with me too.



I am a Wife, a Mother, and a Grandparent. I have bought and sold my own properties and seen my children purchase their properties. I saw what was offered during that process and knew without a doubt that I was able to offer so much more. Something Beyond Real Estate.


Beyond Real Estate is not only the name of my business it is what I offer. 


I will speak to you in terms that you will understand. 

I will explain to you what is available in terms of advertising. 

I will explain why a conveyancer is needed, or a solicitor. I will explain the entire process to you and more than that, I will listen to your wants and needs. Yes, that’s right I listen and I will give you time to write any questions you may have down and then I will discuss them with you. 

I will explain why something will not work, let you know why I am proceeding in a certain direction. 

I will let you know how your open inspections go, give advice on how to present your home. 

I will even offer a cleaning service for when you move from your sale home. Giving your purchasers a clean home to move in to whilst your time can be spent moving into your new home worry free. 

I go above and beyond. I do not have 40 sales happening at any one time, nor do I aspire to. I would rather have a few homes on offer with my clients knowing I am there for them and am reachable.

I have access to mortgage brokers that can assist with your finance in need and if you have questions, I will answer you, and explain. 


I love real estate, it inspires me, I see amazing things happen all the time. Goals and dreams being reached for so many. It is my privilege to be a part of that process, knowing I have the opportunity to help someone reach their goals. Change their life, make their world a little easier place to be because they are in my hands. I really look forward to being of service to you.



My name is Lisa Loveys and it would be my pleasure to have Beyond Real Estate SA  as your agency of choice