Sales and Property Management in South Australia


Landlord Services

 You have done it, you have entered the world of Property Investment. Congratulations, the hard work should well and truly be done.


Should be you may ask? Well, just like Residential Sales, in Property Management, there are those that say and those that do. My team and I are here to state we do.


We understand that your property is a precious asset, and everything we do is about making sure it is well cared for as if it was our own while generating the best possible return and minimizing hassle and risk for you.


We offer several services for property management. You may choose a letting service or full management, need contacts for repairs, or not. Lost? I hope not, but if so, please give us a call and let us hear about your situation. Then with all the information at hand, we can tailor a solution that will get you the very best, just for you. Regardless of what you choose, we will ensure you have monthly statements to keep you and your finance team well informed.


Whether you have one property or a portfolio of properties, our experience and expertise allow us to source tenants quickly whilst managing all ongoing needs, if that is what you choose.


My name is Lisa Loveys, and I as well as my team look forward to being of service to you.


Tenant Services


Being a tenant is a great lifestyle choice, giving you flexibility when you need it most. Our experienced team will work with you to find the most appropriate property dependent on your circumstance. 

Take a look at our available properties on our site. Nothing there that suits? Don't be disheartened. Our properties go fast. Call the team and see what we have becoming available. 


My name is Lisa Loveys and myself and my team are here to assist.